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Umiat is an extremely remote site not served by road or rail, and has one of the coldest climates of any location in Alaska.
Umiat, Alaska lies adjacent to the Colville River approximately 140 miles southwest of Deadhorse, Alaska in the Arctic. The U.S. Navy Seabees drilled the first oil well at Umiat for the former Naval Petroleum Reserve in 1944, and the site later became a U.S. Air Force Station. Umiat is now a commercial hunting lodge. Located on the Colville River, 75 miles south of Harrison Bay, and 340 miles north-northwest of Fairbanks.

TRANSPORTATION: Charter aircraft from Prudhoe Bay


EMERGENCY SERVICES: North Slope Borough Public Safety Officer, Prudhoe Bay (Small local dispensary or Prudhoe Bay Clinic)


CLIMATE: Cool with fairly dry summers, but it can be extremely windy.  Extremely cold winters;  Umiat frequently is the coldest reporting station in Alaska.

ANNUAL PRECIPITATION: 6.5 Inches  (including 34 inches of snow)


There is no church or school. There is also no public water, sewage, or electricity systems.


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