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Arctic Ocean Shuttle Scuttle

Every year we get dozens, if not hundreds of requests from Northern Alaska visitors that want to be able to actually touch or even dip their toes in the famous Arctic Ocean. Due to it being a heavily restricted area controlled by the oil field companies, there is a security guard guided tour that goes twice a day throughout a very short summer season.

Not included with the Shuttle Scuttle.....

  • Meals

  • Gratuities

  • Alaska Airlines Reservations to and from Deadhorse

Lodging in Deadhorse 1 Night
Accommodations in Deadhorse are "consistent with the industrial heritage of the region". The rooms include 2 twin beds with shared bath facilities and provide simple, clean accommodations for leisure and business travelers alike.

Hotel accommodations are VERY RUSTIC and consistent with the industrial heritage of the region. Camp style features include the request to take your shoes off at the entrance of all buildings.

Each room provides simple, clean accommodations with 2 twin beds. There are no restroom or shower facilities in the rooms, but rather separate men's and women's facilities down the hall from the rooms.

Arctic Ocean Shuttle Confirmation Number:
Cancel Policy:   48 Hours Shuttle Excursion is 2 Hours Long
Choice of 8:30am or 3:30pm Departure  
TOUR DATES:     May 30, 2017 thru Sep 18th, 2017
This is NOT an oil field tour. This is basically a shuttle to the water's edge. An oil company security guard escorts the group out to the Arctic Ocean. They do allow some time there at the ocean's edge for pictures etc. before returning. You must present the ID that was given at the time you made your reservation.

Required ID: Shuttle passengers must provide passport information (Domestic U.S. Travelers can provide Driver's License Number AND State of Issue)

Shuttle Departure Location: Passengers meet on the west side of the main Deadhorse Camp Building 15 minutes prior to departure.




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